Earth laughs in flowers... Ralph Waldo Emerson

A man can no more diminish God's glory by refusing to worship Him than a lunatic can put out the sun by scribbling the word, 'darkness' on the walls of his cell.
C.S. Lewis

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday!!!

This is my first Outdoor Wednesday.
Thank you to Susan at A Southern Daydreamer for hosting.
These are the pots I keep on my front porch.
I planted new flowers for spring.
A little bit of coral and white.
Pretty and fresh!!!

Thank you again Susan!!!
Lots of Love!!!


a quiet life said...

very pretty~ i love your header! and the grasshopper over here -> is pretty cute too~

Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer said...

Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday Cathy! You font porch looks great! Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Ah! So pretty. Your photos are lovely.

the wild raspberry said...

i love your topiaries...and what a beautiful blog header you have!

Picket said...

Happy Outdoor Wednesday! Love those colorful pretty & Springy...thanks for coming by and for the sweet comments..hope you are having a great week!

Anonymous said...

Your flowers look to pretty,it's still a little chilly where I live , but I can't wait to go shopping for some annuals.

Karen said...

Your flowers are so pretty. I can't wait until I can start planting some here...right now it's still way too chilly. Have a great day! Thanks for visiting me. :o)

Tink *~*~* said...

I'm fairly new to Outdoor Wednesday, myself. Your plants make for a very welcoming front entryway.

Tink *~*~*
Flower and Garden Festival Surprise

sunnymama said...

What a pretty front porch. I'd love to be a visitor at your house!


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