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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Can’t Believe I’m Showing This!!!

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I guess the title says it all! I can’t believe I am showing my pantry on my blog! It is my daughter’s fault! I was cleaning out the remaining Christmas goodies the other day and she asked me if I had shown ya’ll my little pantry makeover. I moved some things around and changed out the paper just before the holidays. Not a huge change just a little pick me up…I wanted it to be a little cuter;)! Sooooooo…here it is! I took the pics while it was nice and empty…so much easier to see the darling paper I used…I love it! I used a different pattern on every shelf…so whimsical. I would have loved to paint the whole thing another color…maybe some day…this was just supposed to be a little pick me up…remember?

I am off to the market!!! I need to get some food to put in there before my family starves to death;)!

Have a wonderful evening!

Lots of Love!!!



Julie Harward said..., they love to give us a challenge don't they?! I do love it though, it's very cute and cheery! A fun pantry indeed! ;D

Unknown said...

Are you kidding, I LOVE IT! its says home, cozy kitchen, cooking, love it all! Jen

NanaDiana said...

LOL- I love your aprons AND that little black and white checked cute! Diana

Stacey said...

Oh it could be worse! Mine has piles in it. :)

Victoria Hayden said...

Your pantry is very cute and whimsical! I love seeing in peoples closets...thanks for sharing!!


*The Beautiful Life* said...

I LOVE it! Cathy! This could be a whole new "blog party"! We could call it "SHOW US YOUR PANTRIES!" :)

Wish mine was that lovely!


Melanie said...

It is very cute. I just showed my pantry on my blog too.

Unknown said...

why not, it is awesome! wish I had a pantry like that- practical and it looks so inviting!
love it...


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

It is cute, Cathy! Sometimes those little pick-me-up's are just the thing!

Debbiedoos said...

Cutest darn pantry I have seen. Mine is a cluttered mess. I love your aprons too. So nice to see you out and about commenting again and posting.

Nita Stacy said...

What a cheerful little spot. I love it. I think that was a splendid dress it up a little. very cute.

Mari said...



Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door said...

I don't know if my pantry would ever be blog worthy! But your's is great! I like all your whimsical papers!
If your family is like mine, if we're out of cereal...we have no food!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Cathy, yours looks a lot better than mine. My shelves are so stuffed there is no more room for anything else and lot of it is so old it isn't edible any more. I have got to clean it out! I love your cute aprons.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

WoW! Your pantry looks a lot better than mine!! I just did a clean out !
Like your background music.

Nancy's Daily Dish said...

Oh, I think it's adorable. Love the aprons, love that eggs bucket and the way you've got it all looking soooo cute! Would you want to come do my pantry? You'd probably run like crazy if you saw it!


Kathysue said...

Cathy, I am in love with your tea pot and the darling aprons and the great baskets on the floor. Love baskets and I am in the market for some nice one, love your,Kathysue

Debra@CommonGround said...

So cute!!! No money in the world would make me show mine!! LOVE the aprons.

Leslie {Goodbye, house. Hello, home!} said...

I LOVE it all!
It's so fun! My pantry is b.o.r.i.n.g. compared to yours!
I'm glad your daughter suggested you show us!
I'll be right over, tie on one of those darling aprons and get to bakin'!!
What shall I make?

Sue said...

Hi Cathy,
Your pantry is a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e. Love all of your orange pops of color, and your serving pieces aren't just all jumbled together ~ they are arranged! Mine is a mess of Christmas and junk and piles of bowls and other junk. You have inspired me.
Thank you also for your sweet comment. Love visiting here.
Hope you had success at the market!

Vanessa said...

Oh Cathy, that is waaaaaayyyy to cute to be your pantry! :-) This is so inspiring to me and you are once again reminding me of how much I missed you while you were gone!

Blue Creek Home said...

I just finished organizing my pantry too and it doesn't look anything like yours!!
You just have a special touch - love the different papers and the aprons and the little pops of MC...of course!!
So glad you are back and sooo glad you guys were cheering for the tigers! It is still hard to believe we are the National Champions!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Cathy, The paper is really cute! I love the platter and your darling aprons.

Melissa Miller said...

Cathy your pantry is so pretty with the new paper. It looks like a picture from the finest ccoking store. Love it!!!! ~Melissa :)

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Cathy!
Your daughter knows a lovely sight when she sees it! I love your pantry and I wish mine looked as good.


trash talk said...

With a pantry that cute nothing but tasty could come out of it!

Tanza said...

Hi Cathy,
It looks beautiful !!! How funny, that I also posted on my cupboards !! I guess we are all cleaning up, and freshening up after the holidays !! Yours turned out FAB !!! LoVe all the FuN colors and pretty cooking stuff ... Thanks for sharing sweet one, and here's wishing you an awesome, blessed day ~
HuGS ~TeA~ xo

KimMalk said...

What a fun and whimsical pantry you have, Cathy. The bows on the aprons are so pretty. Hugs friend, Kim

Lisa said...

Oh Cathy,
It's adorable! What a great idea to use a different paper on each shelf.And I love the big baskets on the floor! Well done ,Friend!

Sue said...

I showed you mine, now you showed me yours!!! How cute. I love what you have done with yours by dolling it up a bit with some of your pretties.

abby jenkins said...

How charming! We are in the process of renovating the kitchen here at our 1800s hunting lodge and I wish there was more room for a butler's pantry...begin a prop stylist for food shows I have a bijillion plates, platters, etc.. and love to have everything out where I can see it, instead of in the loft in the barn. You have some nice props there too! Happy to have found your blog, can't wait to check it out.

Pamela said...

Cathy, can you come do mine next!?;) The pantry is on my short list of things I want to accomplish soon.

BonjourRomance said...

Your pantry is full of so many wonderful things - a sign of a good cook and homekeeper! I just found your beautiful blog - I'm a new follower and will be back again soon.

Vintagesouthernlife said...

It is so cute. I love it. I wouldn't dare show mine. It needs lots of work right now. Maybe this spring???

Sharon said...

I am so glad that you did it.
I love looking at other people's pantry. Mine is a mess!!! I love that cute paper that you used.
I will have to redo mine now.
Have a great weekend.

Nana said...

You just inspired me to do the same thing! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy
So good to see you again.

Your post is wonderful! You inspire me.

Rebecca Nelson said...

I LOVE BEING A VOYEUR! :) If you think this is anything but fabulous you are NUTSO! :) ahhahahahahha

I LOVE IT. Now...come clean mine! :)


Bring Pretty Back said...

I love the cheery paper's you chose! It really doesn't take much for a little pick me us does it!
Have a pretty day!

Allyson Pecilunas said...

I love your aprons and that tea kettle is so adorable!! I love the harlequin print on it one of my fav's. Thank you for coming over and commenting and becoming a follower. I am now your newest follower. I am jealous you are going to dinner with Kristen she seems like such a sweet girl I am sure you guys will have a blast! I love all of her work she does an amazing job. Have a good weekend


The Tuscan Home said...

Hi Cathy,
Your pantry is lovely. I love the baskets, containers, and the papers, what a great idea! Those aprons are adorable. Thanks for sharing. You've inspred me to get busy decorating and organizng mine. *smile* XOXO ~Liz

Kim said...

I LOVE what you've done in there Cathy. It's on my to-do list, just not near the top. I may have to re-prioritize! Very sweet and vintage!

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh, it's the cutest pantry I've ever seen! You are so clever! Now, I want to do that too! Love your header too!


Linda@Coastal Charm said...

I'm so pantry is NOT a walk-in:( Now I am happy that you shared your CUTE makeover with me:) Hope you have a wonderful day!


Chandy said...

I don't have a walk-in pantry but it is full of everything right now. lol

I love what you did with it and glad you get to play around and in it.

It's a Wannabe Decorator's Life said...

Wow!! I am super impressed! That all looks so pretty, it can't be your pantry?

Miss Janice said...

Of course, I love the apron in the front! Cute pantry:) I'm enjoying catching up with you today.

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Cathy, if my pantry looked THAT great, I'd put it on my blog! Love all of your decorative touches. I've got to go close my pantry door now. laurie

Dear Sweet Home said...

So pretty! Love your aprons! I will enjoy following your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine today :)

Kristi said...

I LOVE YOUR PANTRY!!! It was MEANT for me to stop by this morning! I have been thinking about my lil pantry in the new place and want to wallpaper it. People think I'm insane, but it would be OH SO CUTE decorated, LOL! Thanks for showing how adorable yours is! :)

Lizabeth said...

Very adorable. I would enjoy going in there and just staring at everything! It's cute and makes me want to go shopping! Liz


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